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A Joyful Living Coach

Ready to live a more joyful life?

Hey, I’m Chloe Markham. Joyfulness guide, yoga teacher, philosopher, and I think the meaning of life is probably to be as happy as possible.


Incase you needed the reminder: your time here on Earth is more than your job, your bills, your responsibilities, and the guilt you feel after eating another croissant.


It’s my mission to help you find more joy, every single day.

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The Joy Collctve

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Being stressed all the time is a sign

In a world of total and utter chaos, I'm here to remind you that your journey should be defined by joy, not stress; by freedom, not by feeling stuck.


I'm a girl with a history of panic-attacks, chronic anxiety, and absolute overwhelm; of soul-defining grief and heartbreak. I've worked with others who've dealt with much worse for almost a decade, and one thing is clear: life is too short to be stuck forever.


As a massive advocate for a life well-lived, my focus is to help others find the perspective they need, to find joy, even in the midst of challenge, and to live life with more joy than ever.

The latest episode

My podcast, Joyful with Chloe Markham, is a light-hearted take on all things living well. Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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