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A yoga teacher, mindfulness guide, and wellbeing coach dedicated to helping you find peace, empowerment, and a life of joy.


An advocate of the life well-lived

In a world of total and utter chaos, I'm here to remind you that your journey should be defined by joy, not stress; by freedom, not by feeling stuck.


I'm a girl with a history of panic-attacks, chronic anxiety, and absolute overwhelm; of soul-defining grief and heartbreak. I've worked with others who've dealt with much worse for almost a decade, and one thing is clear: life is too short to be stuck forever.


As a massive advocate for a life well-lived, my focus is to help others find the perspective they need, to find joy, even in the midst of challenge, and to live life with more joy than ever.

My work springs from a 20-year yoga and mindfulness practice as well as dozens of modalities from other spiritual, psychological, and neurological traditions. 

I don't have all your answers. But you do. I work with people in groups and one-to-one to uncover their own innate wisdom.


Give me courage and vulnerability, and I'll give you a perspective that might just change your life.

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I help people who...

Find life too hard, too often. They feel stuck in the grind, unsure of the point of it all, and they definitely feel like they’re missing something.


Feel disconnected, too tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and too busy to stop and smell the roses. Life is passing them by, and they don’t have time to notice it.


Know they deserve good health and wellness, mental clarity, healing, growth, and, ultimately, happiness and contentment, but they’re not sure which wellness tools to use, what habits to work on, or, quite frankly, where the hell to start.

“Chloe has helped me in ways no one else has. She’s given me clarity, understanding, permission, and the tools I need to support the wellbeing I didn’t know I was missing. Absolutely love working with Chloe, couldn’t recommend her enough.”


I'm also a surfer, paddleboarder, and general lover of getting outside; a pastry-fan, carrot cake aficionado, and think there's way—way—more to life than cutting carbs. 
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Join my club

Join me inside my membership, The Yoga Revolution, where I bring all my insights, techniques, and knowledge to your living room.

This is more than just yoga, this is joyful living.

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