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Joyful Living Coaching

You're probably used to...

  • Spinning way too many plates until someone (or something) cracks

  • Taking responsibility for all of the things all of the time 

  • Not enjoying it as much as you think you should

  • Doing it all because you feel you must

  • Being a bit (or a lot) scared of new things

  • Feeling overwhelmed and like life is passing you by

  • Feeling like you’re not good enough to deserve happiness. 

​And so you've tried it all; following wellness 'influencers', practicing yoga and meditation, going to chakra-balancing workshops, taking freezing showers, doing endless mindfulness exercises, eating too much kale...


And yet you're still feeling at a loss, it's not working for you like it does for 'the beautiful people' on Instagram, and you find it all a little bit depressing, boring, and overwhelming. 

It drags you down, makes you feel like you're not good enough, and like life just isn't meant to be that joyful for you.

There's another option


You can be the kind of person who has habits that work—a whole collection of them.

Who goes to bed and sleeps really well, waking up feeling fresh, vibrant, and capable.

You can be the kind of person who has perspective, boundaries, and the kind of communication that makes life brighter and easier. 

You, my friend, can find more life, focus, energy, and joy in your day-to-day.


And you deserve it. Even if right now you're thinking you can't imagine feeling this epic.


This is possible for you. Just as it's been possible for me—a once panic-attack hot-house with toxic relationships and zero boundaries. Just as it's been possible for my clients—taking them from off work with depression to back in the swing of life, from overwhelming career changes to confidence and ease. 

Chloe has helped me in ways no one else has. She’s given me clarity, understanding, permission, and the tools I need to support the wellbeing I didn’t know I was missing. Absolutely love working with Chloe, couldn’t recommend her enough.”


I’d absolutely recommend working with Chloe. She’s able to combine the ability to be compassionate and empathic, with providing the tools needed to make changes. Chloe is supportive and encouraging, knowledgeable, and just generally enjoyable to work with.”



How does coaching work?

This isn’t about the ‘best’ way to build habits, or the ‘best’ tools for mindfulness—the crap we see on Instagram that does nothing but grow 'influencer' accounts; this is about the best way for you.


This is about you feeling more alive and capable, more resilient and aware, and ultimately, more joyful. We’ll use proven tools together to help you get there over a period of 6 - 12 weeks.

We'll uncover:

  • What’s causing you the most stress

  • Your movement and self-care habits

  • How fulfilled you're feeling in relationships

  • How often you actually spend time on things you enjoy

  • Your boundaries and how you communicate them

  • And, most importantly, how you're actually feeling in your day-to-day life.

Finding more joy in your life isn't about eating cake every day (although this maybe has a place...); living a happier life is a deep, challenging process that'll make you face up to the scary monsters you've been ignoring for so long. And I'm here to help you do that every step of the way.


In our hour-long calls, I'll guide you on the way to fulfilment, ease, and a happier way to live your life. And you can choose practices and focuses to work on outside of of time together, built for you in a course you'll always have access to. 

How we work together

We'll work through your mindset, fears, and that mean-girl voice in your head that you listen to way too often; we'll get you breaking old patterns and reframing the way you see your life. Your plan, built specifically for you, will include some or all of these proven tools and techniques:

Face to face calls icon.png

60-Minute Coaching Calls

One of the biggest and most profound ways we can work together is simply by talking. We’ll uncover your blockages, your goals, and the journey forward to a more joyful life.

These calls can be the mainstay of how we work together, or as a less regular tool to keep you focused with your plan—you decide.


Movement icon.png


I’m a yoga teacher of nearly a decade, a practitioner for over 20 years, and I’m passionate about making yoga more inclusive, light-hearted, and impactful.
Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced student, I can incorporate yoga and movement into our plan to give you focus and results.

Mindfulness icon.png

Mindfulness & Rest

This is more important than you might think (and you probably don’t slow down often enough). We can work together to build your capacity for and enjoyment of slowing down.
This might involve guided meditations, yoga nidra sessions, or ways to incorporate mindfulness and rest into your existing routine.

Habits icon.png


The tiny things you do every day end up shaping your entire life. We can work together to create a habit plan; working to reducing those that aren’t helpful, and adding in those that are.
This might involve your morning routine, sleep hygiene, movement, or making space for nervous-system resets.

Journalling icon.png


Another seemingly small action that can have dramatic effects. We can set focuses each week for ways you can write to untangle the wires in your mind.
We can align this to your goals and your focus, to ensure it’s as aligned as it can be for your best results.

Book a Free Discovery Call

Let's chat about how we could work together and what your ideal plan looks like in a free discovery call. 

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Not ready for coaching yet?

Join me inside my membership, The Yoga Revolution, where I bring all my insights, techniques, and knowledge to your living room.

This is more than just yoga, this is joyful living.

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